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13 Fall Flavors That Need To Be In Your Collection

13 Fall Flavors That Need To Be In Your Collection


Hello again, and welcome back to the Masonshishaware blog! Today’s entry is all about Fall, and the decadent flavors that come with it. While certain flavors can be smoked anywhere and at any time, the ones that have made this list are that much better on a crisp Fall night around a fire with friends or snuggled up on the couch with your significant other. Keep in mind these flavors are in no particular order and we may miss your go to Fall flavor, but you can always let us know down in the comment section what it is and why.


Fumari Mint Chocolate Chill/Spiced Chai

Starting off the list strong, we head over to Fumari. While I’m certainly guilty of smoking both flavors outside of Fall like I’m sure most of us have, it is here during the changing of the seasons that both satisfy beyond belief.

Mint Chocolate Chill on its own is a damn fine flavor, you get hit with a rather strong mint chill and the chocolate is very much like true milk chocolate, however when paired with Fumari’s creamy, hearty, and sweet, Spiced Chai you have incorporated the true meaning of Fall in a hookah bowl. These flavors shouldn’t go unnoticed during this time of year, head that warning my friends.


Haze Bananrama, Pumpkin Pleasure, and What a Mint

Now, you can’t have a Fall oriented flavor listing in the realm of hookah without mentioning Haze Tobacco. In my honest opinion these are quite possibly the Holy Trinity when it comes to Fall flavors.

Bananarama is modeled after fresh banana bread and banana nut muffins which are already addicting enough, but imagine that in smoke form… It is truly delectable and is sure to put you in the Fall mindset. That would be enough from Haze to keep me complacent this time of year, but no, they had to go and make Pumpkin Pleasure on top of it.

Pumpkin Pleasure is the perfect representation of pumpkin pie. You have the sweet pumpkin flavoring, the spice, and a bit of everything nice to accompany it. All Pumpkin Pleasure is missing is the dollop of whipped cream on the top, but fear not because, again, Haze has done it already.

Yes, What a Mint is the cream that transforms both previously mentioned flavors. Now I should be clear, it’s not exactly like whipped cream but it’s close enough and after you try it you won’t care anyway. What a Mint is a blend of cold and sweet peppermint with an almost Oreo cream like emulsifier mixed in. It is by far one of the best mints on the entire hookah market and in my book, it wouldn’t be Fall without it.


Ugly Hookah Tobacco Cinnamon Blast and Pomegranate

While Ugly boasts a large selection of fruit based flavors that don’t exactly represent Fall, it’s the couple that do that make them stand above the rest. At first glance you might not notice them either which makes these sleepers even more better.

The first is in the spice family, and while it’s not the first nor will it be the last of this type of flavor, it’s in the execution and versatility that it excels. This is none other than Cinnamon Blast. As I just mentioned this is far from the first or last iteration we will see of a cinnamon gum flavor in the world of hookah but nonetheless it holds Fall near its heart. The cinnamon is strong but not to the point of being off-putting and in mixes you can still taste other flavors, factor in a slight buzz for most users and the ease of packing it, and there is little you can dispute against this stuff especially for the Fall season.

Here is where the list gets a little interesting. The next flavor has nothing to do with cream, mints, or spices, but everything to do with what actually comes into season at this time of year; Pomegranates! Over the years we’ve seen some pretty terrible representations of pomegranate on the market. I fell into the trap of going off pictures and gimmicky names a few too many times and hung up the notion of buying a pomegranate tobacco altogether. This was until I heard the praise surrounding Ugly’s Pomegranate. Upon trying it I finally had that true to life pomegranate smoking experience, and it was beautiful. If you’re looking for the perfect fruit mixer to add to your after dinner smokes this season, look no further.


Trifecta Tobacco Apple Pie, Bohemian Mix, and Indian Kheer

Trifecta has always been known as the company with a little bit of everything. On one hand they have the beautiful Pineapple Guava and at the opposite end of the spectrum they have something like Cool Cinnamon Gum. Needless to say, between those two flavors lie some serious Fall goodness.

The first is an American tradition; Apple Pie. I mean what’s more American than Apple Pie in the hookah world? This is a blend of red and green apple, some cinnamon, and a faint hint of pie or cobbler crust. If that doesn’t sound like the perfect way to end Thanksgiving night or begrudgingly prepare for that black Friday morning, I think something may be off.

Sometimes pie isn’t our thing however. For that reason, we have Bohemian Mix as well. Bohemian Mix, as you can guess, is a mix of several things. There’s a pinch of cinnamon, some cardamom, definitely allspice, and I swear a hint of ginger. Although that’s just the spice part of blend, aside from that it has eucalyptus and vanilla to bring it altogether in a smooth fashion. To me in its most basic terms tastes like a spiced cupcake of sorts but that’s grossly oversimplifying it. Regardless, don’t pass this one up on an extra cold night.

This leads us to somewhat of a mix of the previously mentioned flavors from Trifecta, Indian Kheer. Don’t get me wrong Indian Kheer is its own entity entirely, but now that both of those flavors are on my mind I can see some similarities. Kheer is a spiced rice pudding of sorts, some areas use rose water while making it and others may add dried fruit, but the spices remain a constant which is why it is making our list, plus the fact that this flavor is one of the most unique and tasty blends we have seen in recent years.


Tangiers Kashmir Peach (Noir) and The Last Pie (Birquq)

What kind of a flavor listing wouldn’t have tangiers? While many flavors could be shared for Fall like maraschino cherry, ololiuqui, cane mint, and clove, I’m sticking to the two that I feel go best this time of year.

First up is Kashmir Peach. This flavor has hit a near legendary status and for good reason. Kashmir Peach is purely divine and although its somewhat of an acquired taste, since its beginning its taken hold of taste buds across the world and refused to let go. Personally, I have smoked Kashmir Peach during every season without hesitation, but during the Fall and Winter months it’s something that goes down quite a bit smoother than in Summer. This blend of masala spices and sweet peach will keep you grounded while temperatures begin to plummet but do yourself a favor and grab it in the noir line for the ultimate experience.

On to one of my favorites from Birquq; The Last Pie. This flavor is somewhat of a hidden gem. Those who know about The Last Pie flock to it regularly and those who have no clue about it leave more for the rest of us, that is until now. I’ll go on record as the one who ruined it for the die-hard fans, I can live with that, what I can’t live with is knowing so many of you haven’t tried this. What makes this this flavor not only approachable for the average enthusiast but delectable for the more advanced palette as well is the sweetness. This is a berry pie-filling blend most likely consisting of their Brambleberry and Boysenberry flavor along with a true pie crust taste that hits you every now and then through the bowls duration, just like eating an actual pie, the crust comes later. This is my go to smoke around Thanksgiving as it is not only decadent but does have a bit of nicotine to make clean up and lingering family visits go by just a little quicker.


Starbuzz Vintage Root Beer

Much like Tangiers, Starbuzz has many flavors that can be great for Fall. I’m looking at you Delhi Tea and Tiramisu. However, Root Beer is their most approachable and easiest to palette, plus everyone is familiar with what it is and what to expect.

Starbuzz Vintage Root Beer is a very simple flavor compared to most of the others I’ve listed, but simplicity often trumps complexity. There is no ice cream, no cooling, or anything dessert related to find here but merely a fantastic root beer barrel candy type of taste. Pair this with a peppermint flavor and you’ll be set to welcome in any holiday season stress blissfully.


That concludes the 13 best flavors to go with this Fall season! I hope you found some new things to add to your cart that you may have previously skimmed over, or you end up visiting an old favorite I brought back to light. Either way, you can’t go wrong with any of these and virtually all of them can be mixed in different variations for new flavors entirely! Thank you for stopping by the blog once again and happy smoking!

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