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9 Iconic Dark Blends that NEED to be in your bowl

Hello again everyone, and welcome back to the Masonshishaware blog! With dark blend popularity currently back on the rise within the hookah communities, I thought it was about time someone stepped up and offered insight on where you should start as well as a list of iconic flavors that need to be tried at some point or another during your dark blend pilgrimage. Taste is always subjective and with that I’ve decided to go with flavors that not only have a proven track record of being delicious but will surely go down in American hookah history instead of my personal favorites. So, clear your cart of all the blonde leaf, it’s time to journey to the dark side of hookah tobacco.



Nowadays this is a common name amongst dark blend enthusiasts, but back in 2016 Trifecta came on to the dark leaf market swinging punches few were ready for. With original flavors like Pulp Friction, Death by Ice, and BDH is was easy to see that the brand was going places, and more importantly in all our bowls for the foreseeable future. However, there are a few flavors I’d like to highlight here today that really sell their unique characteristics regarding flavoring and those are Enigma, Indian Kheer, and Natural Order.




While at the time Enigma certainly held true to its namesake, these days it’s anything but a mystery to the hookah community. With highs of berry sweetness, lows of herbal basil earthiness, and a eucalyptus tinge that encompasses the flavors entirely, this is the blend that keeps on giving.

What sets this apart from others in trifecta’s lineup is that the taste will vary from different heating methods. For example, if you are using standard foil application you will be hit with much more of a basil note whereas during sessions with your favorite hmd the berry and eucalyptus both become the stars. Either way this is a quintessential flavor that should always be on your Trifecta order, or better yet leave more for the rest us. We won’t mind.


Indian Kheer


After the debut of Enigma, we didn’t see too many other blends from Trifecta that were quite as unique. Instead we saw single note flavors that provided us with endless mixing potential which certainly made the time in between much easier. It wasn’t until Indian Kheer came out that we all remembered just what the mind of “Magic Mus” was capable of and to leave mixes to the professionals.

Indian Kheer is most easily described as a creamy Paan like flavor. There are notes of nuttiness which pair perfectly next to the dark tobacco taste along with a beautiful harmony of a slightly floral tinge and spices such as cardamom. While at first glance that may be more outside of your comfort zone compared to a standard single note fruit flavor, I can assure you by saying it’s an experience everyone should have under their belt.


Natural Order


The last entry for Trifecta is one that brings over to the fine folks at Hookah-Shisha. I’m not entirely sure who’s brainchild Natural Order is for sure, but what I do know is that this exclusive H-S flavor is something that brings a smile to everyone’s face that smoke it.

While initially the exact ingredients were a closely guarded secret, they’ve been all but confirmed at this point as popularity of this flavor skyrocketed. In a nutshell it’s a citrus mint with melon and sage. Think The Twist (lemon, mint, and watermelon) only with something you didn’t know you needed in your bowl; sage. While sage may be the kicker in this equation it’s remarkably balanced compared to the others in this flavor and serves to round out the sweetness attributed perfectly.

Now I can’t say smoking this will keep the bad spirits away, but this is undoubtedly a great choice for your next hookah/seance session. Just don’t try resurrecting a dead bowl, some things are better off dead.




The posterchild for all things dark, Tangiers single-handedly put dark hookah tobacco back on the map in the 2000’s and many have attempted to follow in their footsteps to no avail. Known for their long-lasting flavor profiles and heavy buzz, Tangiers remains a top player with a die hard fanbase a decade later. It goes without saying that they need to be referenced when talking about iconic dark blend flavors and today I want to give Cane Mint, Kashmir Peach, and Static Starlight the spotlight.


Cane Mint


There are very few flavors that can come near to the stature that Cane Mint has created for itself. When referencing hookah flavors there are three that seem to go down in infamy. Those are Double Apple, Blue Mist, and Cane Mint. Rivaling the other two is no easy feat but Cane Mint is no run of the mill hookah flavor either.

Cane Mint is a beyond potent mint that is relatively barebones compared to others out there but is done so well that it has been imitated by nearly every brand imaginable. Its composition is simple; merely a bold peppermint. However, its candy cane like sweetness and smooth characteristics that keep its fanbase coming back time and time again. Much like Double Apple this is craving that can’t be remedied by any other, and once you’ve been bitten by the sickness, be ready to accept no other suitors. This is also the perfect starting point for Tangiers as well since you can make sure your packing technique is on point as it will be smooth no matter what you throw at it.


Kashmir Peach


Next to Cane Mint this is the second most iconic flavor from the Tangiers lineup. The best way to describe it is an experience that rivals smoking Double Apple. While it may be nothing like Double Apple in terms of taste, it’s an experience and something that won’t be for everyone.

For years I’ve tried to figure out what all is going on in this blend. It’s spicy. It’s sweet. It’s… well… Kashmir Peach. I swear there is some ginger in there, saffron, a candied peach, and a sense of a session well spent. Whatever the case may be this is a flavor that every single smoker needs to have once in their lifetime and to heighten the experience during a second visit split Foreplay on the Peach, Cane Mint, and Kashmir Peach into thirds and buckle up. There’s no coming back from that one. Not that you’d want to.


Static Starlight


While Static Starlight may not have the immense popularity surrounding it as the other previously mentioned flavors; it need not be forgotten. This is the floral flavor those who despise floral flavors can appreciate. Next to Cane Mint and Indian Summer this is also once of the smoothest flavors tangiers has to offer and is certainly a great stepping stone for jumping into the brand.

To put it simply Static Starlight is like a cleanse your ever-growing hipster friend pushes on you, except it actually tastes great. It’s a very sweet yet natural grape, with a somewhat present rose, and minor notes of citrus. Imagine blending up your favorite grape juice with some rose water and lemon zest, yet smokable. What’s important here is that the rose isn’t artificial nor chemical tasting like others and really brings out the best from the grape and subtle citrus background brings the two together ever more so.

Trust me, you’ve got to try this one. Pro tip: add your favorite lemon mint to it.




Azure Tobacco may be the newcomer but in their little time on the market have already proved their worth and then some. This brand features a fine cut leaf that is actually just as potent if not more than what you find with Tangiers and truly embodies what a great dark blend should have. With flavors that transcend from blonde to dark line they’ve truly but their customer first when it comes down to not alienating anyone. Today I would like to highlight Bengal Citrus, Strawberry Guava, and Lemon Muffin.


Bengal Citrus


Starting off with one of their newer flavor options, Bengal Citrus strikes a familiar chord with the fanbase of Tangiers Kashmir flavors. While it may be inspired by the iconic flavor it does well to represent what we know and love from its predecessor while remaining original. As we saw with What Else? being a play on Tangiers Bug Powder but remaining a consistent Cherry/Peach/Mint/Saffron blend instead of sporadic flavor, Bengal Citrus is yet another inspiration but simply done better.

This is a blend of saffron along with a plethora of other spices that almost embodies masala or a curry. There is an added touch of citrus here and there that plays along nicely to cut the spice and add a bright note to an otherwise heavy blend. Together the spices and citrus bounce off each other perfectly and it should be noted that while this IS a heavier smoke it’s not to the extent of what we know from Tangiers and should be differentiated entirely.


Strawberry Guava


As simple as that may sound this is a flavor that just works. For as long as I can remember there hasn’t been a good strawberry flavor of hookah tobacco. There are some decent ones, but everything falls flat or simply doesn’t taste anything like a strawberry. This is where Azure said “hold my beer.”

The strawberry isn’t overly decadent in this blend, nor is it artificially sweet like a candy or soda. I believe this has everything to do with the guava. Just like strawberry flavors guava can be hard to replicate. It can easily come out too dry tasting or even too bitter. That’s not the case with strawberry guava. Both fruits play off each other, one being sweet and balanced, the other being dry and tropical tasting. It’s a genius blend that needs to belong in your hookah stash as you can smoke it during any season and it’s intensely smooth for a dark blend albeit one with a higher nicotine concentration.


Lemon Muffin


While early on in their debut Cinnamon Cookies, Cherry Muffin, and Blueberry Muffin reigned king, it wasn’t until a little later on that Lemon Muffin caught fire with clientele. Regardless the popularity that has amassed around it needs to be recognized as this is one damn fine smoke.

With many lemon flavors, candy is the main goal. However, that isn’t the case with Lemon Muffin despite it being a dessert flavor. This is what makes it so great and widely approachable. You get that fresh from the oven muffin taste which is hard enough to master but the lemon is balanced. It’s not too zesty, nor too candy like, or even sour. It just somehow tastes like the real thing without seeming like they even tried hard to do so. This is without a doubt something you need to try when breaking into Azure and why it is an iconic flavor in all its own right.


Thank you for stopping by the blog and checking out these iconic flavors. For those just diving in the world of dark hookah tobacco I hope this can be your go-to guide as you go through all of these new and exciting flavors and for the veterans may this guide spark some love for them all once again. Regardless of your level of smoking, head out to your favorite online vendor and treat yourself to your favorite dark blend!

Don’t forget to drop us a comment below with your favorite dark blended hookah tobacco flavor and why, and we’ll see you next time!

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