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Moa's Go To Mixes

Hey, this is Moa Smokes and some of you may know me from my IG (@moasmokes) or YouTube Channel. I’ve gotten a bunch of questions about the mixes I post on my Instagram page in the past couple of months and people have been asking me to compile my “go-to” mixes in one place. I thought what better place than here to lay everything out and explain what I mix and why I mix it and I also thought this would be a good place to share some of my mixes.

The thing to understand when it comes to mixing is “why mix in the first place?” People mix so that they can get new flavor profiles with the flavors they already have. Sure, it’s easy to just pack a bowl with a flavor you love… but what if you want to capture the best of a flavor and compliment it or enhance it even more? That’s where mixing comes in. For instance, I love Trifecta’s TNT. TNT is a flavor that mixes mango, grapefruit and mint. For me, I get way more mango than anything else from that flavor. So what if I want to enhance that flavor or isolate the most prominent flavor and compliment it further? Well… I add more flavors to the bowl.

In regards to the percentages, look at your bowl. It’s a circle, right? Gauge percentage like you would when you’re looking at a pie chart. That’s all it takes.

A disclaimer -- flavor is subjective. What I like may not be what you like and vice versa. Make sure that you look at the flavor profiles in the mix and make sure that they appeal to you before you decide to try the mix.

Go To Mixes

First, I’m going to share some of my go to mixes. These are the mixes that I can pack whenever and I know that they will lead to an enjoyable session.

  • Mango Mint Smoothie - 50% TNT, 30% Peppermint Shake, 20% TTI(X)
    • This is a mix I go to often. I love Trifecta’s TNT because it was the first mango flavor that I tried that I really loved. Everything prior to this felt like it was either too heavy or not “mango” enough. The grapefruit in TNT boosts and balances the mango perfectly. Here, I add Peppermint Shake and Twice the Ice X to make it even cooler and add a boost of vanilla (from the Peppermint Shake). To me, it tastes like a mix between a Mango Lassi and a mint smoothie. Feel free to swap the Twice the Ice X with Twice the Ice if the X version is too minty for you.

  • Horchata Cheesecake - 50% Ohh-chata, 30% Overdozz Wild Night Out, 20% Peppermint Shake
    • I love horchata and Haze’s Ohh-chata is truly something special. I use it in a lot of mixes when I want cinnamon or cinnamon spices and here is no exception. I wanted something that captured the horchata, but made it even more of a dessert. I added some Wild Night Out to get the lemon cheesecake and some Peppermint Shake to get a sweet cooling mint and a boost of vanilla.


  • It Takes Two to Tango - 50% Suga Mint, 30% Icy Tango, 20% TNT
    • The second I tried Haze’s Icy Tango, I was in love. It’s hard for me to find an orange or tangerine mint that is true to the flavor profile. Icy Tango did not disappoint. It’s supposed to be tangerine mango mint, but I found that the mango wasn’t as prominent and felt it could use more mint. I added TNT to add the mango I was looking for and then I mixed that with Haze’s Suga Mint. Suga Mint is a sweet mint (think Orbit gum’s Wintermint) similar to Peppermint Shake, but without the vanilla/creaminess.

  • Cucumber Mojito - 40% Trifecta Cucumber Mojito, 20% Trifecta Dark Pineapple, 20% Trifecta Lime, 20% Trifecta Twice the Ice (X)
    • This mix is pretty self explanatory. Trifecta’s Cucumber Mojito is pretty heavy on the cucumber on it’s own, and not in a refreshing way. Here, I added lime, pineapple and mint to give me the “mojito” flavor I was looking for. This one is refreshing, but not too light. Feel free to swap the Twice the Ice X with Twice the Ice if the X version is too minty for you.

  • Blueberry Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream - 50% Tangiers 2005 Blueberry, 30% Overdozz Wild Night Out, 20% Trifecta Peppermint Shake
    • I was eating Blueberry Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream one night and I decided that I wanted a bowl that tasted close to what I just ate. 2005 Blueberry is arguably one of the best (if not the best) true blueberry flavors on the market. It captures the creaminess of blueberries so accurately, so that’s where I started. From there, I needed something to give me the crust of the pie, and I know that most blueberry pies are made with lemon to add some tartness. Here, I chose Wild Night Out for the lemon cheesecake and I was generous with the quantity. It gave me both the lemon and the crust. I added a bit of Peppermint Shake to give me some vanilla and sweet cooling to be the “vanilla ice cream”. 

  • Orange Creamsicle - 50% Al Fakher Orange Mint, 30% Trifecta Peppermint Shake, 20% Trifecta Vanilla
    • It’s no secret that AF Orange Mint is my preferred Orange Mint. I have yet to try an Orange Mint that captures the orange and mint better than this flavor. Here, I added some Vanilla and Peppermint Shake to really give me the vanilla and sweet cooling to make this a creamsicle.

Holiday Mixes

These mixes are inspired by the fall holidays -- from Halloween all the way through to New Years.

  • Pumpkin Pie Shake - 50% Haze Pumpkin Pleasure, 20% Overdozz Wild Night Out, 20% Trifecta Peppermint Shake, 10% Haze Ohh-chata
    • Who doesn’t love Pumpkin Pie? Haze’s Pumpkin Pleasure is such a true Pumpkin Pie spice flavor, that it only made sense to pair it with a hint of Haze’s Ohh-chata to really give it the spice it needed. Every pie needs a crust, so that’s where the Wild Night Out comes in. The 20% Peppermint Shake is used again to get a sweeter mint that compliments the bowl perfectly. 

  • PSL - 50% Haze Pumpkin Pleasure, 30% Haze Ohh-chata, 20% Trifecta Dark Morning Glory
    • PSL… what more can I say? People love Pumpkin Spice Lattes. The Pumpkin Pleasure and the Ohh-Chata are used to establish a solid Pumpkin Pie base, but the 20% of Trifecta’s Morning Glory goes a long way to give the bowl the coffee it needs and make this a latte.


  • Banana Nut Bread - 40% Haze Ohh-Chata, 40% Trifecta Bonafide, 20% Trifecta Peppermint Shake
    • A good friend of mine gave me this mix, but with Azure’s Cinnamon Cookies. I swapped that out for Ohh-Chata and I got the cinnamon profile I was looking for. Add in the Bonafide to give you the banana and Peppermint Shake to give you the vanilla, peppermint and cooling that this bowl needs and you’ve got a hit on your hands.

  • Peppermint Bark - 60% Tangiers Cocoa, 40% Trifecta Peppermint Shake
    • You know what Peppermint Bark is. People go crazy for it. This combo (since it’s only two flavors) tastes exactly like Peppermint Bark. Tangiers’ Cocoa is arguably the best chocolate flavor available. Mixing it with Peppermint Shake gives you not only the peppermint and vanilla notes, but also a nice cooling that isn’t disruptive to the flavor profile.


  • Chrithmath in a Bowl - 40% Trifecta Coconut Ginger, 20% Trifecta Vanilla, 20% Overdozz Wild Night Out, 20% Trifecta Peppermint Shake
    • The second I tried Trifecta’s Coconut Ginger, my eyes lit up. It’s a solid flavor on it’s own, but I knew it had the potential for so many mixes since it tastes like gingerbread made with coconut. I wanted something that was reminiscent of Christmas. What better base than gingerbread? Adding the Vanilla and the Peppermint Shake not only complimented and brought out the Vanilla flavor, but also added a nice cooling effect to a bowl otherwise filled with heavy flavors. The cherry on top was the Wild Night Out for me. I wanted to single out the cheesecake as much as possible and 20% of it was the sweet spot. You really feel the holidays with this one.

Lighter Mixes

The goal here is to show mixes that are not too heavy while still being absolutely delicious. These are mixes that I love smoking personally and they may be more appealing to men or women that prefer lighter profiles. These are also the mixes I recommend whenever someone messages me and asks for a recommendation that the lady in their life might like.

  • Cool As a Cucumber - 60% Haze Cucumberita, 20% Trifecta Dark Pineapple, 20% Trifecta Twice the Ice (X)
    • This mix got its name because it’s cool as a cucumber. Cucumberita is an amazing flavor by itself, but the Pineapple and Twice the Ice come in to make this a truly refreshing mix. It’s like a day at the spa -- if that’s your thing. It’s a mix I go to often. Feel free to swap the Twice the Ice X with Twice the Ice if the X version is too minty for you.

  • Cinnamon Toast Cookie Shake - 60% Azure Cinnamon Cookies, 40% Trifecta Peppermint Shake
    • This was a combo that was gifted to me by Hookah Sloth (@hookahsloth). I told him I love Cinnamon Toast Crunch and he said oh you have to try this. It did not disappoint and it’s a combo I go back to often. The Peppermint Shake is used to give you the vanilla, but also a nice peppermint cooling. Cinnamon Cookies is my personal favorite Azure flavor and for good reason. It’s incredibly solid by itself, but when combined with Peppermint Shake, it gives you something completely unique.


  • Floral Lime Mint - 50% Trifecta Nawar, 30% Trifecta Dark Lime, 20% Trifecta Twice the Ice (X)
    • Again, we use Nawar here. We want that floral, but we want to switch up the profile a little bit. The Lime makes it something unique and the Twice the Ice gives you the cooling that this bowl desperately needs. Feel free to swap the Twice the Ice X with Twice the Ice if the X version is too minty for you.


  • Floral Bowl - 50% Trifecta Nawar, 30% Haze Sub-Zero, 20% Trifecta Twice the Ice (X)
    • This mix not only smells and tastes incredible, but it honestly feels like something that would be sold as a high end candle. Nawar is an incredibly solid floral flavor by itself, but when you add in the Sub-Zero and Twice the Ice, it gives you a flavor that’s truly unique and cooling without being “heavy”. Feel free to swap the Twice the Ice X with Twice the Ice if the X version is too minty for you.

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