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HMDs That Pertain to Foil Usage

HMDs That Pertain to Foil Usage


Hello again everyone, and welcome back to the Masonshishaware Blog! Today’s subject centers around foil and HMDs that are best utilized with it. These days many have all but forgotten about the subtleties and nuances that foil smoking can give with the boom of HMDs that seek to replace foil entirely. Many companies have even switched engineering to even cater towards this boom and have alienated some of the most diehard enthusiasts in the process. Resistant to change, the group that swears by foil over HMD has found ways to incorporate both, and the point of this blog is to show those who have gravitated away from the traditional form of smoking that these ways need not be written off.



These are some of the first forms of foil HMDs we saw. While an argument certainly stands that these are HMDs themselves, the fact that they can be used interchangeably is why they have made the list.

Chimneys are roughly 3 inches in diameter and are comprised of aluminum or stainless steel depending on the brand. One model of these is formed to fit on unglazed Turkish style bowls and has a lip hanging off the bottom that acts to catch the entire circumference of the bowl and provide stability. Other models are merely flat all the way around and will fit on larger circumference bowls such as many of the modern sized bowls available on the hookah market today. These devices are essentially just screens with an added pole in center that allows for easier removal and fresh air to be let in or expelled out. While these devices aren’t super popular on the U.S. market, they have flourished overseas.

The function of these devices is fair. They do work to an extent but often so you will need to add more coal than you would with the other devices on our list. Factor in that adding a windcover is quite a feat to accomplish and there lies your problem of getting the most out of your session and coal longevity. Even so they are worth checking out if you gravitate more towards Egyptian and Turkish style bowls for your smoking habits.


Aladin Heat Reactor

The Aladin Reactor is one of the newest forms of foil HMDs available. This device is much like a reimagined chimney and has all the basic dimensions like its predecessor although it’s a bit larger making it more versatile. The stainless steel used is of top quality and based on this plus its other features, I completely see this outdoing the sales of chimneys sooner than later once the market starts to catch on.

What makes this device more suitable compared to chimneys is the fact that it encompasses the heat through a built in windcover. The Reactor also offsets the added heat by use of a risen bottom. If you are familiar with the OG Egy style bowl (now Alpaca or Liberty branded) imagine that but utilized with a HMD. Much like the chimney devices again, this device features a lip on the bottom that hangs off so that if your hookah is bumped into, the floor and quite possibly the night is saved. What also makes this a winner is that you can travel safely from burner to hookah by using the entire device as a charcoal carrier. Yes, you heard that right, dual function in this baby. There is even a handle that slides into the side that is silicone wrapped specifically for this function and removing it from your hot bowl.

As far as function goes with the Reactor I have found this to be a near perfect device for enjoying a session for about an hour and a half give or take 20 minutes. The inside is wide open enough that you can still attain getting three cubed coals inside yet tapered down enough that windcover doesn’t lose its purpose. They have addressed the problem of coals going black by adding slits all along the outside near the bottom of the device and overall, this is definitely something you should check out if the opportunity arises here in the states.


Provost System

Now that the other two have been covered, let’s get into the best option for not only your buck but your session as well. That my friends is the Provost System by AppleonTop.

This device was originally intended to work as a HMD pure and simple. The AppleonTop bowl was never designed to use foil, so of course the Provost was of that same nature. However, give a hookah enthusiast a product and nine times out of ten it’ll come back changed for the better. That’s exactly the case with the Provost.

This device is rather simple in terms of materials and design. It’s merely a roughly 2.5 inch in circumference stainless steel base tray that has three rings of holes, a center hole that is designed to grip the AppleonTop bowl spire, and a silicone leaf that is riveted on the side. It is slightly arched in the middle and enclosed completely by a surrounding wall. The cover of the device is just as simple. It is also comprised of the same circumference only it is two parts. The very top is the same shape as the tray and includes three rather large holes that either allows air in or forces heat down by use of a rivet that lets the top move freely. The bottom portion of the cover is slightly thinner steel and although simplistic in design, has the user’s best interests in mind. Every half inch or so there is a small cutout on where the bottom is contacting the tray and four cutouts along the side of this portion as well. These cutouts ensure you will always have airflow getting to your coal.

As simple as all of this may sound, the Provost comes together as one hell of a device for foil usage. Since it is not very large it works the best on similar circumference devices but can be used on nearly any bowl. What makes it the best not only in the price range, but in performance, is that you can use just two cubed coals and smoke for nearly double of what the coals would last you otherwise and your flavor stays fresh for much longer. Within buying your first few boxes of coals and tobacco you should already notice savings happening and better, longer lasting sessions. We here at Masonshishaware even love this device so much that it is now available on the site ready to be purchased.


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Today’s article should be every indication that there are many ways to smoke shisha. It’s not as cut and dry as either use a Kaloud Lotus or go pure Foil. There is so much in between those as you can see now. While there will always be purists that go one way or the other it’s our job as a community to try new things and test old things in ways we have never thought of. Lastly, do your tobacco some justice and let the true flavors come to light in ways HMD smoking and pure foil smoking can’t. Chances are you’ll come to find something new with an old flavor you though you knew everything about.


Thanks for stopping by the Blog! Drop us a comment below with any thoughts you have about using these devices or any other findings.

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