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Diffuser - Mason Shishaware T-shirt


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Silicone diffuser, fits on the bottom of most downstems to diffuse, quiet and smooth out your session

Customer Reviews

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Great little diffuser

I use this diffuser with my Shishabucks Cloud Mini and it works wonderfully. Much better than the stock one, and better than the old silicone diffuser I previously used. Does what it's supposed to, and can't complain for the price either!

Matthew John
A Diffuser for all

Firstly, we all know how loud open downstems can be, especially on the regal..
This diffuser, was like putting a silencer on a .50 cal. Like, why wouldn't you ;-) it was quiet what seemed like a whisper. I HIGHLY recommend for those pipes that don't have a diffuser.
As well, it comes with 3 attachments that fit snug on whatever diameter sized downstem your hookah comes with, and the fact that it's silicone, means its safe to clean, and lasts long.