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Wood Foil Poker - Mason Shishaware T-shirt

Wood Foil Poker

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For making small to medium size hole foil patterns. Push lightly for small holes, deeper for larger holes

Customer Reviews

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Robbie Wolfe
Great little tool!

It’s convenient, like handle, the poker is great for punching holes in foil and the fork end picks up just enuf as not to be too much!

Great product

Great quality in this poker. A good size, on the thicker side. I use it mostly to move my tobacco around my bowls when packing. You can definitely use it to poke holes though, the tip is pointy enough where you can have holes in various sizes. If I ever lose it, be sure I’ll buy another one. The quality alone is worth buying. 5/5

Haaris C
Lightweight and a good size

Had a pleasant experience with this foil poker, better than fumari. Precision is key here, the needle is just the right size and the handle has a good grip. Love it.