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How To Series: Packing Darkside Tobacco

How To Series: Packing Darkside Tobacco

How to series: Packing Darkside Tobacco


Hello everyone and thank you for joining us in this new series where we show you not only the basics of hookah, but dive into the complexities that make this lifestyle interesting. Our first subject tackles something that has stumped me for the last few months running and until only recently understood, that is none other than the packing method for Darkside Tobacco.

Darkside Tobacco in itself is something we here at Masonshishaware would recommend to everyone as an experience to try at least once. The flavor profiles are not only exotic and...

Your Mason Bowl and You; A Guide to Heat Management

Your Mason Bowl and You; A Guide to Heat Management

Welcome back to the blog everyone and thanks for stopping by! Today’s entry dives into the single most difficult topic regarding hookah; heat management. Heat management ultimately determines how your session will go and by nailing your methods you can make even the lowest quality bowl smoke like a dream. In this guide I will relaying how to treat your Mason products to get the utmost out of them with minimal effort, so before you throw your coals on that fresh bowl, stay awhile and brush up on some need to know techniques that’ll truly send your session to the...

11 Underrated Hookah Flavors From Your Favorite Blonde Leaf Brands

Hello once again and welcome back to the Masonshishaware blog! With our last entry focusing on Dark Blends, today’s entry is all about highlighting flavors that have seemed to go unappreciated in the vast market of blonde leaf tobacco that virtually anyone can enjoy regardless of experience. These flavors are not only some of my personal favorites but have always been huge hits with those who I introduce to them during a party setting or simple session with a friend. If you’ve been stuck on some of the more popular flavors these brands have to offer and are looking for...

9 Iconic Dark Blends that NEED to be in your bowl

Hello again everyone, and welcome back to the Masonshishaware blog! With dark blend popularity currently back on the rise within the hookah communities, I thought it was about time someone stepped up and offered insight on where you should start as well as a list of iconic flavors that need to be tried at some point or another during your dark blend pilgrimage. Taste is always subjective and with that I’ve decided to go with flavors that not only have a proven track record of being delicious but will surely go down in American hookah history instead of my personal...

The Many Shapes and Applications of Hookah Charcoal



Hello all, and welcome back to the Masonshishaware blog! In today’s entry charcoal is the focus. With so many shapes, sizes, and temperature ranges to choose from, a bit of guidance is more than needed on the subject these days. So, before you make that next lounge case order, let this be your guide!


Lemonwood/Natural Wood Charcoal



While in this day and age these types of coals have taken a backseat, that doesn’t mean they are forgotten. In fact, there is still a large population that swears by them, but why?