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Packing Oyster fork - Mason Shishaware T-shirt

Packing Oyster fork

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¡Tenedor Oyster moderno de metal negro pulido para ayudarte a empacar tus tazones con estilo! ¡Ideal para empacar Tánger o simplemente para evitar que tus manos se ensucien mientras empacas tus Mason Bowls!

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Sajid Iqbal
Awsome bowl

Love this bowl. Good for all types of tobacco.

Jon B
Great quality and amazing design

EVERY time I use this fork it feels special. The color and design is so superb. It is perfect instead of using my hands. I can accurately pack my bowls. I don’t know where I’d be without this specially made fork. Like I said the design is superb. It’s so beautiful and classy.

Emad Benjamin
Tumbler hose standard complete kit

Awesome piece of art so amazed with the performance and the quality 💯👍🏽

Shafi Hasan
Oyster packing fork

May appear to be a simple fork, but it makes packing far more easier than using a standard fork.

@sn0wtec from
Forking amazing

This fork really upgrades your packing. It does everything a good packing fork needs to do. The 2 spokes are great, it's light, perfect for filling your gravyl or onyx! Definitely will be using this all the time now 👌